Leonard Nedlin, a retired Captain in the US Army, along with two other Veterans formed American Eagle Mortgage Bankers located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, with the simple goal of serving the Veterans and Military Personnel of NYC that wanted to use the VA Home Loan Program to realize their American Dream of Home Ownership. Despite a simple goal – American Eagle had a lot of work ahead of them due to the fact that most realtors and home sellers knew nothing about the VA Home Loan Program and simply preferred not to work with Veterans. During this time period, the internet was just in its beginning phase, a cell phone was a luxury rather than common place and there was no social media, but despite all of the challenges we faced we were determined to continue with our mission of serving the NYC Veteran community.


Leonard Nedlin’s son, David Nedlin, joined American Eagle things started to change. Upon joining American Eagle, David came to realize three things: 

1. Most Veterans did not know about the VA Home Loan Program and needed to be educated. 

2. 50% of Veterans wanting to buy a home had credit issues that prevented them from doing so and needed guidance on how to improve their credit.

3. 80% of Real Estate agents were not Veteran friendly and did not welcome the Veteran home buyer; we knew we needed to find Real Estate agents that would work with Veterans and treat them as valued buyers. 


David realized early on that in order to properly serve the Veteran home buyer they needed more than just a Mortgage Bank; they needed a network of services working together in order to make home ownership a reality. As a result, Leonard Nedlin (Retired Captain in the Army) along with his son David Nedlin formed the Veterans Homebuyers Network.


Our mission remains the same: to provide Veterans with everything they need to know about the VA Home Loan Program, beginning with the education, then connecting them with our network of VA approved mortgage lenders, real estate agents knowledgeable in the VA home loan program, attorneys, accountants, credit restoration specialists who will make your home buying experience a fun and exciting one.

Our Approach is to first educate the Veteran on the VA Home Loan Program, either one on one or in a group setting, making sure that they know everything there is to know about the VA Home Loan Program and the home buying process in general. We oversee the entire home buying process from education, to credit restoration (if needed), to getting pre-approved for a VA Loan and finding the right Real Estate Agent in the area the Veteran is looking to buy in. This has been our formula for over two decades.


& Beyond

Over the last 25 years The Veterans Homebuyers Network has worked in conjunction with most military facilities and veteran organizations in the NY area. We are now expanding our reach to serve Veterans from NY all the way down the east coast of South Florida providing as many Veterans and Military personnel the education and resources needed to realize the American Dream of Home Ownership.